HighQuality All in 1 Capsule Food Processor

  • HighQuality All in 1 Capsule Food Processor


HighQuality All in 1 Capsule Food Processor

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With four powerful blades, take any ingredient, whether vegetable, meat, or fruit, and chop, mince, or turn it into a paste, however you like. With this one tool, take care of every troublesome part of your cooking prep without having to change any attachments.


food processor for chopping, mincing, and prepping pastes, and even for enjoying making all kinds of handmade sweets, like Fruit Shakes and Smoothies. With four powerful blades, it pulverizes even tough ingredients like Ice and frozen fruit in the blink of an eye.

The Capsule Cutter Quatre can mince, mix, knead, crush, and break, all without having to change any attachments.

It’s convenient to use whenever you like.



  • Multi-functional Food Processor
  • Can Easily Grind Meat
  • Dice and Chop Vegetables Easily
  • Instantly Make Fruit Shakes and Smoothies
  • Easy to Clean
  • Heavy duty plastic housing
  • Ultra-compact base with a powerful high capacity motor


    Every minute 24500 rotation powerful motor Stainless steel 4 sharp blade Can Crush Ice cubes and frozen fruit. Perfectly chop mince meat, vegetable and fruits. Press at a time simple operation 


    Power: 220V Consumption Power: 200W Size: 11.6cm x 11.6cm x 23.3cm Cable Length: 1 meter Estimated amount: approx. 200g (Cup MAX line before) Material: main body: ABS resin, Cover Cup: Triton, B



    *Cut and Chop, Vegetables, Fruits, Baby Foods, Smoothies, and Fruit Shakes


    *Grind and Mix, Meats and others

    ❤Perfect for chopping food fast, with anti-skid base and transparent body.

    ❤Perfect for slicing boneless meat/ vegetable/ fruit salads/ onion and garlic, cutting various foods for baby, chopping herbs, veggies, pesto and more.

    ❤Safe and convenient for use, making vegetable preparation fun and easy, easy to clean after use.

    ❤It's a great kitchen tool for household use.

    Here are others, like YOU, are loving the PINK Capsule Cutter & Food Processor!

    ✔Very convenient and fast.

    ✔Just press the top button for seconds to finish the work.

    ✔It is very easy to disassemble.

    ✔Just rinse with tap water for seconds after disassembling.